Golden Age Flash Statue Review

flash-golden-age-mini-statueThis is the full size Golden Age Flash Statue from DC Direct, dated 1999.  Sculpted by William Paquet and based on designs by Steve Rude, this statue stands 7 3/4 x 5 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches and is one (962, to be exact) of a limited 1600 piece run made from cold cast porcelain.  As you can see, this captures the original Fastest Man Alive, Jay Garrick, in a signature running pose (is there any other pose for a speedster?) and has a distinctly art deco feel to both the stand and his Hermes-style helmet / boot flashings.  The paint work and lines of this statue are outstanding and as rare as it is to get any of the original Justice Society of America members in statue form (I have an Alan Scott statue that will be reviewed another time), this one has to be one of the better statues of this size in terms of detail and pose.  What I always loved about the original Flash, is that helmet!  The “god of speed” flavour of his costume really lends itself to this style of art deco imagining and the signature “lightning flash” on the shirt just pops out at you when viewing this…I`m going to say it…piece of art!  All in all, a real must-have collectable for any JSA fan and a more unusual hero to pick from DC.  Outstanding!


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